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Find the Ideal and Most Suitable Log Splitter When choosing a log splitter, it can be a complicated thing to do for some. This is because there are various types and various sizes that are available and knowing the right one makes it confusing. Some things that you need to consider when it comes to shopping for log splitters would be on its size and the type of wood that you are going to split. It would be best if you try knowing first how long the wood have been around and how long it has been waiting to be split. You also should try knowing on the number of knots present in the wood that you plan to split. The type as well as the thickness is also crucial to which you need to think about when choosing a log splitter. If you are only considering one for small jobs like camping or for one to which you could use at home, a small one that’s compact would be the perfect one for you. Such equipment’s are available in electric versions or in small compacts that are manual. Manual splitters are perfect for the ones that uses less than a cord of wood. They are likewise portable and available in 6 and 8 ton. Electric units are actually ideal for any homeowner that uses less than a 1 or 2 cords a year and they are also available in 4 or 7 ton models. These are found to be units which are quiet and they also don’t give out gas or fumes. Homeowners that have larger projects could go with a residential log splitter. These are available in electric or gas and are horizontal or horizontal vertical in 15 or 16 tons. Such size of wood splitter can in fact handle logs which are 20 to 24 inches long. Such kind of units have 250lbs. in weight for horizontal and a 300lbs. for horizontal vertical. Even though these units are being labeled to as residential splitters, they can in fact handle different commercial jobs.
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For the heavy duty wood and log splitting work, a heavy duty residential unit is the best one for the job. These actually range with a 20or 22 ton horizontal and horizontal vertical and it is also available in 26 inch log openings. This kind of log splitter could handle different woods and could split logs for up to 30 inches in diameter.
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A commercial log splitter also is found to be suitable when you have large projects. The 25 and 26 ton horizontal vertical and horizontal are designed just like the 20 ton units. The thing that differentiates it would be with its faster hydraulic pump and also with its larger engine.

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